The Lip Tutorial~~~

The final part is on my Livestream the first minute is me trying to remember how to use it.

I also answered some asks:

fantasticmush asked polararts:

please take this the right way: I love your art because it has a real dirty style to it. everything just looks more natural in its own universe.

Hahah, yeah I get what you’re saying. Whenever I over rendered something it look so weird, I”m trying to find a sloppy-clean harmony.  VwV

Anonymous asked polararts:

I would never have known how badly I wanted Daffy Duck x bugs bunny smut until I found your blog

 I need more baffy in general, it feels so right xD

Anonymous asked polararts:

Do you take like, requests and stuff?

You’re free to request, but there’s a 90% chance it won’t be drawn, sorry. This blog is for fun~ I have  a commission journal up on my Deviant art if you want something legit.

Anonymous asked polararts:

How old are you?

22/a poor college graduate. commission me please /ugly crying.

imthatwildchild asked polararts:

I have been looking for real artist such as your self on tumblr omg I love your work so so much. I’m jut learning how to shade properly but I draw on canvases. And sorry for this nerdy letter and all those likes.

It’s not a problem. xD You guys can talk art to me, I”m all about that~ I’ve learned a lot from painting traditionally, but I prefer watercolor and acrylics. Fun stuff.

dyquietly asked polararts:

Dear god, I love your work! Have you done any Ed, Edd, and Eddy work?


shutoffmywant asked polararts:

Hi, hello, your art is very, very, neat and I was wondering if I could see a Nny doodle from you, if it’s okay with you, thank you and keep up the awesome work, man!

Thanks! I’ve actually drawn these^^^ once before. Unless you’ve seen it. ~

Anonymous asked polararts:

what brushes do you use? thanks :)

It’s a default photoshop brush, 46 I think, but any of those spotty looking ones work well. Set it to transfer and uncheck shape dynamics. 

ukulelechapchap asked polararts:

Do you have any tutorials that you’ve done? (Your art style is so pretty and unique and aah)

Thanks! I have this one Livestream video of me drawing/coloring something on Photoshop If that helps any.

mrpsychoprince asked you:

You…you’re like a mystery. There is nothing here about you(not that I really looked, but STILL!). I’m so curious about you and ect. Like I want to ask you questions concerning how you got into art and all that jazz. >.> So, I’m going to ask you that now :D. How did you get into drawing and is there any preferred name you go by :o?

You can find some weird pictures of me on my main account in the closet cosplay section, but aside from that it’s true I don’t say much about myself xD 

So here’s some of my life:

My moms family is crafty, not that we live near them, but i assume that’s where my art-ness comes from. Her dad carved/painted wood ducks, and collected a lot of cools stuff. Her mom made quilts and rugs. 

My mom would sew us custom stuffed animals and make us what ever halloween costume we wanted so creative limitations were rarely a thing (Although my sister was more creative with halloween costumes, I wanted to be a princess most years).  She drew little animals for me to copy when I was bored and we always had markers/colored pencils around. She was very can-do and positive about art projects, so I”m hard to discourage when it comes to art. 

My sister and I watched a lot of anime so we’d draw our favorites. She was the only one I’d show my drawings to for a while (since the parents were busy/didn’t care and  she was the only one who showed an interest, enthusiastically and threateningly so). She’s 3 years older than me and claimed me as her baby when I was born, taught me to crawl, and kidnapped me from my crib to watch cartoons with her, she’s like my second mom hahh. 

and then I went to college to learned myself an art.

You can call me Todd, Rebecca, Becky, Bekah, polararts, I don’t mind either way.

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